Just how much rainfall has Benoni had since December 1?

Clive Webber looks through his telescope in his back yard.

Benoni weatherman Clive Webber, who has a weather station at his Rynfield home, said November 26 saw the lowest daily amount since then, with a reading of .4mm.


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Webber said a total of 59.4mm of rainfall has fallen from December 1 to 7.

Here is a breakdown of the daily readings:

• December 1: 0.8mm.

• December 2: 2.2mm.

• December 3: 1.4mm.

• December 4: 1mm.

• December 5: 35.8mm.

• December 6: 13.6mm.

• December 7: 4.6mm (cut-off at 8am).

“Very, very lucky that it’s soaking in well. We would have had severe floods if we had the same total in a short period of time,” Webber said.

The second most recent extended period of rain was recorded from October 5 to 9.

The total rainfall over that period was 50.4mm.

This is the summary:

• October 5: 12.8mm.

• October 6: .2mm.

• October 7: 11.6mm.

• October 8: 7.2mm.

• October 9: 18.6mm.

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