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The Medi-Wallet allows people to save all their important medical data in a format that is easily accessible if they are ever in an emergency situation, and unable to communicate with first responders.
SEATBELT MEDIC includes 2 medical information cards for you to complete manually. Printed medical information cards as seen to the left are also available from


How do you market a product designed for disaster in an upbeat way? Let me tell you, it’s like directing a cheap South African blockbuster wherein the villain is hacking away at his victim, to a G major soundtrack.

Humour and horror are like the clichéd ‘chalk and cheese’ but as you read this, tune into a major key (we’re not here to depress you)… and we’ll all get along just fine. This red-carpet was just a way to get you to the door and introduce you to something called the Seatbelt Medic which is a small, red device which can clip onto your seatbelt (after having filled in all your medical information including your medical aid details, blood type, allergies, particulars of who to contact etc.) this information (which you can either complete manually or have printed for you by contacting then fits neatly into the Seatbelt Medic, and will ultimately save paramedics from having to waste precious minutes (sifting through your wallet or purse) in what’s commonly referred to as the ‘Golden Hour’.

We all know that accidents are messy business, yet the Seatbelt Medic provides a way in which to skip all the bases, and ‘home run’ you through to the hospital as quickly as possible, and whilst all this is happening, you’re hopefully seeing tweeting birds, and not St Peter.

It’s a fact that not many of us ponder or plan for potentially traumatic events. We’re too busy thinking about dinner, whether we really need another ice-cream or how to make more money. If only life were that simple. But it isn’t, and so besides the need for medical aid and car insurance, you may want to consider purchasing a Seatbelt Medic. Somehow, even I can hear the minor chords begin to play. See how quickly that happened: almost as quickly as it takes some wally to skip the red robot. Stars and tweets – all else will be taken care of!

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