MasterDrive works to make our roads safer

In addition to being accredited by the relevant SA training standards authorities it has partnerships – and this accredited – with leading Driver Training institutions in the UK and Europe.

In addition to providing training for companies and individuals through MasterDrive, bikes through MasterBiker, forklifts through MasterDriver and trucks through MasterTrucker, the brand is also passionate about road safety and was kind enough to provide some thought provoking reading below:

Road fatalities in South Africa are a major issue. For every 100 000 people 25.1 will die in a crash. Major changes to these statistics will only be possible with commitment from every person and organisation involved in the management and use of roads: government, organisations and the individual driver.




A bad driving habit that many drivers participate in and which plays a major role in creating this situation on our roads is distracted driving. Some road safety experts believe that driving with your attention focused elsewhere is more dangerous than driving under the influence. If you drive looking at your phone, you can miss up to 50% of your surroundings.


MasterDrive is committed to bringing about change on our roads, including raising awareness about distracted driving.

Our dedicated team of driver education and safety awareness practitioners can customise any course to suit company or individual needs as well share their knowledge in safety demonstrations. MasterDrive also helps companies save on their biggest expenses to their bottom line in three key areas: vehicle maintenance, fuel usage and crashes.

We aim to become the leading provider of preventative driver techniques, set new benchmarks, improve profitability and, above all, promote life.

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