Salvation Army in Benoni CBD celebrates mission

The Central Division United Women’s Celebration, hosted by the Benoni Salvation Army, took place on September 13.

The event, which was a rally, is held annually and was open to the women of the organisation.

Public relations secretary Major Carin Holmes of the Salvation Army explained that the event was part of the organisation’s Home League.

“Our theme for today is Mission to Serve,” said Holmes.

“We are celebrating our mission and work we have done throughout the year.

“We follow a five-fold programme within our Home League.

“The five folds of the programme are fellowship, service, education, worship, to a spiritual high being and Bible study.”


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Upon their arrival, the women were welcomed with a beverage and received snacks, cake, teas and coffee.

Thereafter the women gathered to kick-start the rally by worshipping and, standing in solidarity, acknowledging and uplifting one another.

Julia Dreyer, who arrived at the Salvation Army in Benoni in January, works in the kitchen and explained how grateful she is to the organisation for providing a helping hand.

“I was homeless and facing much financial difficulty along with going through a divorce,” she said.

“I had the opportunity to join here and in spite of my brokenness, I was able to find a home, a family and a place to call my own.

“Money cannot buy the love we receive here and in my journey I have even gotten closer to God.

“My passion is cooking and I have free reign in the kitchen to create anything I want to.

“These people are really awesome and I am glad I can be a part of them,” she concluded.

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