About The Almond Tree

About The Almond Tree

The Almond Tree is a registered NPO and temporary place of safety for abandoned, abused and vulnerable babies and children between the ages of birth and 3 years.

After seeing how adversely HIV/AIDS, poverty and substance abuse affects the children of South Africa, Charmaine and Kent McQueen opened The Almond Tree, which started in their own home.

The first baby arrived mid-2014, and since then has grown significantly, leading us to move to a bigger house where there are trained caregivers on duty 24 hours a day, a house mother and management staff.

We are passionate about caring for and nurturing babies-at-risk, and while there are many challenges, we experience great fulfilment, many successes and joy. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a neglected, abandoned or abused baby who arrives, traumatised, broken hearted, malnourished and sickly, recover to become a healthy and happy child.

Our dream is to catch as many babies as possible, and so we see a future whereby the Almond Tree is able to provide many homes for many vulnerable children in South Africa.

Having had a couple of special needs babies in our care, we realize that there is a need for interim medical care for vulnerable children. Because of this, we have begun to dream of a medical home, which will be part of The Almond Tree, specifically designed for premature babies needing high care, or babies with special needs such as cerebral palsy.

While our primary work is to nurture our babies, we are also devoted to provide employment and skills to once unemployed, unskilled ladies in our community. We are dedicated to training and equipping our caregivers with skills that will further their lives if they were to someday leave the baby home. We are currently in the process of assisting our house mother in obtaining a driver’s license, and make use of the services offered by Sinomsebenzi’s Computer Literacy Program which equips our ladies with computer skills. We aim to have all our caregivers trained in this area soon.