Benoni Business Guide

What makes Benoni unique?

Benoni has (for now, at least) a “mountain”, lakes and dams, golf courses, sports clubs and of course, people.

Nothing to brag about, you say?

Think again.

Every inch of Benoni is woven into the fabric of its people, of Benonians.

Yes, we have our “rough” areas, but we are all one - all Benoni.

You will search far and wide to come across a true community, one filled with love for their town and people.

Rarely have you met a bunch of people who care about a rubble of dirt, the invasive hyacinth and water lilies, its pristine golf courses (and the potential development of one), its vibrant sports community and its “hey, boet” population.

Need more convincing?

Why not visit the “Jewel of the East Rand” or the “City of Lakes” for a true sense of community.