Function Venues In Benoni

Introducing great year-end event & fuctions venues in Benoni.

Situated in the heart of Benoni our event and function venues most festive vibes are your answer to having a place to go and enjoy the Christmas Celebrations with the best service and gareented quality food.

Choosing The Right Venue.

Choosing the right venue for your company’s year-end function can be a huge responsibility. Whether you are organising for 10 guests or 1 000, everyone’s enjoyment of the evening usually rests on the shoulders of the organiser.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right venue this year and make some potential savings:

* Start to research your options now. If you want the pick of the bunch you’ll need to confirm your booking soon.

* Ensure that all aspects of the venue complement your brand and your party-goers. If the majority of your colleagues are mainly young men make sure your venue reflects this.

* Ensure you make at least one site visit and take a digital camera to record your visit. Make a note of how accurate the directions are and the time it takes to reach the venue from the office.

* Arrange your party date after you have chosen your venue. Most companies tend to go for a Thursday and Friday, so if you need to get a good deal go for a Tuesday or Wednesday.

* Consider accommodation at, or near to, the venue. Some guests may like to stay overnight and make the most of the occasion. Again if you’re on a tight budget make sure the venue is close to budget accommodation.

* A venue which has a helpful and efficient manager will stand you in good stead in the run up to your event. When you’re near to confirmation request a drink on arrival for all guests to be thrown in.

* Choose a venue that can provide as many of your needs as possible such as catering, furniture and tableware, fewer suppliers will make the management of the event much easier. Choosing a venue that already has a theme is also more cost effective.

* Choose a venue that suits your anticipated attendance figures, a full venue guarantees an excellent atmosphere.

* Make suitable provisions for post-event transport, this is important if your event is to end on a high.