November Is Movember

Tips for businessmen.

In business, first impressions are just about everything.

Acing the job interview.

First, you’ve got to be yourself.

Many men go into these job interviews and try to tell the interviewer what they think they want to hear, even if it might not be true about themselves. Secondly, don’t be a know-it-all.

A lot of young men go in and they want to talk about all their success in the few jobs they’ve had thus far.

Let them know about your work ethic instead. Honesty and commitment score a lot of points.

Asking for a raise.

Obviously the status of the country financially has made this a bit of a sore subject. But if you can justify and quantify what you’ve done, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Just go in there expecting to be challenged and have the ammunition to explain what you’ve brought to the company.

Starting a business venture.

When starting your own business for the first time, you have to go into it with your eyes wide open.

A lot of young guys like the idea of being an entrepreneur, but they don’t like everything else associated with it.

Be prepared to work from five in the morning to 10 at night, with no days off.

You’re probably not going to get paid for a long period of time, so set realistic goals. Eventually you’ll get there, but it’s an uphill battle until you do.